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Korea Institute of Science and Technology
Center of Human-centered interaction for Coexistence
Venue: Paik Nam June Hall (#3229), GSCT(N25), KAIST,
291 Daehak-ro (373-1 Guseong-dong), Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-701, Korea
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   On July 13, the last day of the conference,
Suncheon Bay will be visited as a social event. 
This will provide conference attendees and guest speakers
with an opportunity to promote friendship and to experience
Korean culture.

   With many rare birds inhabiting the area, Suncheon Bay is recognized as a wetland protection area by the Ramsar Convention, and The International Garden Exposition 2013 is the first of its kind to be held in Suncheon Bay, South Korea.  All the fees including transportation, meals, and tickets are included in the conference fee and your job is to experience and enjoy the program.
   The International Garden Exposition Suncheon Bay Korea 2013, which will be held between April and October of 2013, inherits these same traditions, while also dealing with future-oriented issues such as green-growth and environment-friendliness. Already boasting one of the five most well-preserved costal wetlands in the world, the city of Suncheon is aiming to become a global leader in green growth through the exposition.  ( Homepage: )

※ Brief Schedule:
     • Depart from KAIST (8:30) - Travel time from KAIST to Suncheon City takes about 3 hours by bus.
     • Lunch (11:30)
     • Arrive Suncheon Bay Garden Expo (13:00) - View exhibits and experience Korean culture
     • Dinner (17:30)
     • Arrive at KAIST (21:30)

※ There are Pre-reserved Rooms for Conference Guests:
     • In the KAIST campus, 11 single rooms available. (30,000 won/night)
     • In Daedeok Innopolis Guest House (located 10 minutes from KAIST),
        5 single rooms, 5 double rooms, and 4 quad rooms available.
     ⇒ These rooms are available during online registration. They will be assigned in order of application.
※ Other Suggestions:
     • Toyoko Inn Daejeon Government Complex
     • Hotel INTERCITI
     • Hotel RIVIERA